Staffing & Recruiting

We offer the option of you having any new employee start with our sister company, Just in Time Staffing LLC. Please visit their web site at for additional information or contact your JIT Payroll representative

Why use Just in Time Staffing, LLC service?

  • You found a great candidate on your own, not from an agency, but your company is only allowing you to hire people on as a temporary, contractor or temp to hire.
  • You want to hire a new employee but are not sure if it is the right fit and would like to test the water (try before you buy!)
  • You would like the option to bring someone on board as a temporary or contractor first but do not want to pay the fee to utilize an agency.
  • You have a summer intern and need to set them up as a seasonal temp but HR will not allow you to hire them full time for such a short period of time as an employee.
  • Your company is on a hiring freeze but you CAN get approval for temps, temporary to hire or contractors and need an option.
  • You have a project, have the contractors and need to ensure prompt payment to the people working onsite for the project….legally per IRS guidelines.